YouMakeYou in action: Alison from Daily Moves and Grooves

A little over a year ago I met an absolutely beautiful human, Alison Yeung, at a blogger retreat.  Since then I have had the pleasure of continuously getting to know her.  One time we walked over 10 miles to get the ‘best carrot cake in the world’ in NYC…. it was.  The more and more I’ve learned about Alison, the more I am amazed at how well she encapsulates the YouMakeYou® mindset.  She epitomizes how it is a daily, hourly, minute-ly way of thinking, not just a once in a while thing.
Alison and I decided to answer a few ‘interview’ questions for each other so keep reading to learn more about the wonderful Daily Moves and Grooves owner and how YouMakeYou® impacts her life.  When you are done, you can also head over to her blog to read a little more about my story!
11667b_d78e4ee496b648268887c6a7768a68da-mv2_d_4032_3024_s_4_2                                                                        Meet Alison:

Favorite motivational quote: “Exercise because you love your body, not because you hate it.”

Favorite food: I would say nut butter, but that’s so cliche in the healthy living world. I love me a good gyro!

Favorite exercise: Burpees! There are a thousand ways you can do them, so it’s like 1000 for 1, ya know?  (as demonstrated here….)


Tell me about your blog, what does it mean to you?   My blog is my diary about my health journey from disordered eating to, well, health. However, it has also always been is an outlet for me to share my innermost thoughts, as well as my life experiences, big and small.

what do you try and make it geared towards? I make it geared towards human experiences, with a general focus on faith, food, and fitness

Does it relate to what you are studying or your personal life? I’m studying physical therapy, which is a health science, so my blog content often ties into general health practices. As I learn more in my field, I will probably incorporate more content about smart exercising! And my blog definitely relates to my personal life. I share so much about my faith and emotions, plus a good deal about my college/work experience. Most people are not just robots who eat and work out all day, so I think it’s helpful for everyone to talk about personal things!

what is the theme?pray, eat, move, groove 🙂 

11667b_ef6109724ec345a98ae99f8b561eba98-mv2What does the YouMakeYou mindset mean to you: To me, YouMakeYou means overcoming adversity in your life through both physical and mental training. Colby has inspired so many through her story of determination, humility, and hard work, and I think those three things are essential to the YouMakeYou mindset.

Describe one way you embody this YouMakeYou mindset: I never considered myself “athletic” (zero hand-eye coordination and I hate running), but I always had determination (aka stubbornness ;)). That determination has helped me achieve fitness goals that I could have never imagined in the past. But more importantly, I try to approach fitness and life without fear of events that I cannot control and instead with a positive attitude, which can make any situation fruitful.

What is one goal you have and how do you plan on achieving it? One goal I have is to be able to hold a handstand for a long time more consistently! I plan on achieving this by continuing to strengthen my shoulders with drills and progressions and to just get upside down as much as possible to stimulate those proprioceptors! (← physical therapy nerd alert)


“Thank you so much, Colby, for welcoming me onto your blog!! I am truly honored. I love everything your stand for and I know that you are truly inspiring others, not only in fitness but in life. ♥︎ You inspire me.” — Alison, Daily Moves and Grooves

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