Top Buys For Healthy Eating on a Budget

Adulting is real, a real struggle too (sometimes).   Up until I turned 20 a few weeks ago I could pull the whole “ehh I’m still 19, I’m not an adult yet, I don’t have to worry about that”.  But LOL JK I’m 20 now and it’s time to embrace adulthood full on.  



Don’t get me wrong, I actually love being a real adult: living on my own, being respected at meetings, cooking whenever/whatever I want, pulling all nighters whenever the heck I want to (I say only because I am typing this at 5am Sunday morning after pulling my first all nighter of my life to watch the sunrise with a few friends
before we all leave for the summer <\3)



But adulting definetly has it struggles. Like the fact that you need 11 quarters–ELEVEN I TELL YOU– to do a full washer dryer cycle for laundry. Where do these machines expect us to get those? Excuse me while I purchase a quarter growing tree.

Although what I really want to focus this article on is not my dirty clothes, rather my rather perfected  list of go-to’s for healthy eating while sticking to a budget.

Before I go on, I want to mention my CollegeFit guide that touches on this and a whole lot more.  It is a guide that gives you all the tips and tricks to successfully balance health, fitness, and happiness in the college setting.  It is $2.50 here.


Big batch unsweetened iced tea. I drink unsweetened iced tea almost every day in img_5060the summer.  This big bottle will serve me for almost two weeks, which saves me $2 a day!  The entire bottle is $3-$4 at Wegmans.

Carrots. You guys know that carrot cake is my favorite thing in the world, but raw carrots are a go to of mine as well! Maybe not as tasty 😉 Raw carrots are actually one of
the cheapest vegetable per volume you can buy.  I think I eat these as a snack 3-4 x a week.  with pb. with hummus. alone. img_5063all good.


Cherry tomatoes. 
Same with these, they are a bit more expensive, but a delicious and refreshing snack.  PLUS hey volume eaters, hey.





Two words. Rotissere Chicken. FIVE, only FIVE, dollars and you can get 3-4 servings from each one.  Be warned: you will get a bit messy breaking it apart.


I gave up buying cereal precisely 3 months ago.  It’s just one of those foods for me— I will buy it, and it will be gone in 2 days max.  I freakin love cereal, like too much.  So I started buying these 99 cent bags of puffed rice (they have other grains, as well).  Not only is it immensely cheaper per serving but it doesn’t have added sugar so I don’t go back 500 times for another bowl!  I love this mixed with peanut flour and almond milk. —> Money saving tip for peanut flour: buy it on amazon in massive bulk bags, not the jars from the store.


Popcorn, but more specifically, single serving size packets.  Personally, I can go through a whole bag of pre-popped popcorn in one sitting (we’ve all done it, let’s be honest) and one of those bags in upwards of $4.  I buy these boxes with 5-6 servings for < $3.  AND, it’s hot popcorn.  TIP: When it comes out of the microwave, add a little cinnamon and sugar to the bag and shake it up.


All natural popsicles. Especially in the summer I CRAVE something cold and refreshing.  I bless my lactose intolerance for finding these babies.  They are around $5 for a box of 12.  They taste DELICIOUS, and no I swear you cannot tell they are made with veggies.  For me, this is better than a pint or gallon of ice cream because 1. portion control 2. 30 calories each, hello. 3. so summery.



I want to know :

Ice cream or popsicles?

What is your favorite budget friendly healthy snack?


XOXO Colby

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One thought on “Top Buys For Healthy Eating on a Budget

  1. I love carrots and celery too, and I make my own hummus!

    Fruits- I love all fruits, but I have found apples and watermelon to be cheaper than berries (but frozen berries are a good deal!)

    I make my own protein balls and Lara bars!



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