5 Top Tips on Staying in Tune With Yourself

So, clearly (kind of, not really), I want to talk about lovin’ your humps– or more accurately: staying in tune with yourself.

As silly as this may sound, being in tune with yourself is extremely important to reaching your goals on both a small and large scale.

Think about it:
+ You have a fight with a close friend before a race, so you are a bit off, and you don’t do as well.
+ A co-worker does something that gets under your skin in the A.M and for the remainder of the day you just can’t get anything right.

You can think about it like this as well: if you are not in touch with yourself and want you truly want to achieve, how on earth do you plan to do it?!


When something is distracting us from what we should be focusing on,or fogging our vision, the outcome is not as ideal as it should be. This is the same idea regarding goals.  If you are not completely in tune with what you want to happen, it makes it THAT much harder for it to come about.  Committing to staying in tune with yourself and having a clear vision is the base to conquering your mind and your goals.  You can read my 5 step guide to conquering the YouMakeYou mindset here.

As always, when I talk about goals, I mean more than just long term, I mean everything.  Short-term. Long-term. Fitness. Education. Relationship. Career. The list goes on.

I have complied a list of my top ways to stay in tune with myself that sets me on the path to conquering my YouMakeYou mindset:
1.  TECH FREE TIME: We live in a world where whenever we have a minute free, or even a few seconds, we immediately go to our phones.  We no longer spend much time thinking freely unless prompted to do so.  So, next time that you have just a few moments of free time, instead of reaching for your phone, just THINK and let your mind wander.  Nothing in particular, just let your mind go where it goes—listen to yourself, not social media.

2. RECAP: Every night as you are lying in bed, think back over your day && pick out 2-3 things that you feel good about/make you happy, and 2-3 things you wish could have gone down a different way.  By doing this, you are filling your mind with positive thoughts and motivation to conquer for the following day.  You are also balancing your day and emotions.
3. FOCUS ON THE NOW: Be where you are each second, nowhere else. Don’t think about what happened earlier and don’t think about what is coming later, only think about what is happening at the current moment && what you want to make of it.
4. BE PRESENT:   Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, be there.  Most importantly, when you are in a conversation with someone, focus on them not what is going on around you, or on your phone.  Be present in the world, you never know what you may find.

be present like this tiger –>

5. CHALLENGE YOURSELF: I say to my spin class all of the time:”with challenge comes change,” and that applies to much more than spinning.  TWO reasons to challenge yourself:

– The toughest climbs have the most beautiful views

– You never know what you might learn about yourself
tunnel-353597_960_7206. Don’t be afraid to dig deep.  What is it that you truly want?  Get to know your heart and learn to listen to it. Find your passion and chase it with all you have.  You have one life to live, make it the one you dream of.  I admit it can be hard to be real with yourself and listen to yourself on a completely true and honest level, but you have to.  When you aren’t afraid to dig deep and get to know yourself, you open up countless doors and opportunities to work your way along the path to where you want to be.  Read my recent post on fear.

I want to know:
What is your favorite place to sit and think?
What commercial have you seen that you will never forget?

Thanks for reading, and as always remember: YOU MAKE YOU.
xoxox, Colby


3 thoughts on “5 Top Tips on Staying in Tune With Yourself

  1. My favorite place to sit and think is the window at my job. I always eat lunch there and relax. I also think in my bed at night (sometimes too much ahah)
    One commercial I will never forget is the SPCA commercials. I know they are trying to do a good thing, and as a vegan I respect that, but they are about 2 minutes too long =P


    1. Ugh, still have to come by and see you! when are you working this week? and yikes same to thinking too much in bed haha!

      I agree with the SPCA commericals they are almost impossible to forget:/


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