Far too often we are too busy hiding from fear that we can’t chase our dreams.

The words ‘You Make You’ saved my life, and I am here to share them with you.

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YouMakeYou® is an online community spanned across many social platforms for people to interact, learn, try new things, and most importantly get empowered. The goal of YouMakeYou® is simple: empower others to empower themselves.

The YMY mindset applies to all aspects of life, and all goals: big and small. Once you realize the power of mindset, the opportunities are endless.

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Hi, I’m Colby Triolo & what came to be known as ‘YouMakeYou’ saved my life…

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I suffered for several years from severe Post Concussion Syndrome. I had to take a year off of school, I had a piercing headache for over 700 straight days, I lost many friends and family because I could hardly deal with social interaction, I could barely leave the house without pain. I saw countless doctors, went through endless procedures, and lost hope over and over again as nothing came of these things. I was told I would never truly function like normal. I would never run, or workout intensely again, I would never look at computer screens without pain, or even sit down without perfect posture in an attempt to put my head at ease. The list goes on.  And so did the days, it was endless.neckbrace

I thought that was going to be my life forever, and honestly– that was terrifying. I refused to let that happen. One day, I decided to take my life back– that was not what I wanted, so why should it be what I have. I essentially starting ‘re-programming’ my mind to end the power that the pain had over me. Even when I had constant pain, I refused to admit that I did to myself, I told myself I was fine and I started doing everything that I was told I should not: I started running, slumping when I sat, turning my head any which way I wanted to, etc. I simply removed the idea of pain from my life 110%, even though I still had it, and on March 30, 2015 I had my very first headache free day. From there on out, I have continued using the power of my mind and I now am a perfectly healthy and happy college student studying computer science engineering, and training for a marathon (two things I told would never be even imaginable for me).DSC_0084

The YouMakeYou mindset saved my life and if it can help even just one other person– that is the goal. I’ve created this online community to do just that. I hope what you see empowers you to empower yourself, because when you realize the power that you and your mind holds, the opportunities are endless.

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The YouMakeYou® mindset applies to all aspects of life, including FITNESS.  As a NETA certified personal trainer, I have created a few eBooks to help you achieve your goals in this realm.  ENJOY!

12 Week Transformation Workout Guide:     
created & tested by Certified P.T Colby Triolo

12 week

3 phase training plan designed to burn fat, & build lean muscle.

Cardio and strength workouts included.

Eating Clean & Living Strong YOUR Way:


Full workout plan & healthy ‘base recipes’ for breakfast, dinner, and dessert with directions on how to make them work/taste good for YOU.


I am a current Undergraduate in the Engineering School at Cornell University.

college fit

Everything you need to balance living healthy, happy, and fit in college.


easy fit

Effective, unique, anytime, anywhere, short (and long) workouts.



All information included in these fitness programs, as well as supporting guidance, are solely intended to provide assistance to you in your personal healthy lifestyle. The information is not intended as a substitute for consultation, evaluation or treatment by a medical professional and/or registered dietitian or nutritionist. The services that I, Colby Triolo, provide are not intended to be, and should not be construed as, a substitute for medical advice nor can they be represented as a guarantee of improvement of specific conditions or weight loss. I am not responsible for any injuries sustained.
These fitness programs and supporting guidance are developed solely for your personal use and may not be reproduced for publication or for the personal or commercial use of others without permission.


All inquires and questions are welcome.