5 Steps to Live Your Passion

Let’s get right to it:

1. Stop thinking about what your plan will be, or how you will make money.   Stop letting fear control your life.  If you love something, that is all you need to chase it.  
2. Write a list of things that you love and put a smile on your face.
3. Use that list to find an ‘umbrella’.  Meaning, think about what you could do that encompasses all, or most of the things on that list.

ie. If you truly cooking, making art, and interacting with people, your umbrella could be a food blogger! 

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4. Let go of fear, and most importantly accept right now that not everyone will ‘get you’.  You have to do what you do for YOU.  As selfish as it sounds (it is not)— you have to please yourself before you can please anyone else.  Focus on what makes you happy, in the end you being happy will make others happy.

Take a leap of faith.


5.  Need a place to start to find your passion? It is OK to feel lost, here is an ~awesome~ activity from Levo that can help.
Always remember…
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