The YouMakeYou® mindset applies to all aspects of life, including FITNESS.  As a NETA certified personal trainer, I have created a few eBooks to help you achieve your goals in this realm.  ENJOY!

12 Week Transformation Workout Guide:     
created & tested by Certified P.T Colby Triolo

12 week

3 phase training plan designed to burn fat, & build lean muscle.

Cardio and strength workouts included.

Eating Clean & Living Strong YOUR Way:


Full workout plan & healthy ‘base recipes’ for breakfast, dinner, and dessert with directions on how to make them work/taste good for YOU.


I am a current Undergraduate in the Engineering School at Cornell University.

college fit

Everything you need to balance living healthy, happy, and fit in college.


easy fit

Effective, unique, anytime, anywhere, short (and long) workouts.



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