It’s the Little Things Thursday #2


I have made a banner.  This is officially a thing.  That is how it works, right?

Join me! I want to know what little things made you happy this week.



This is an excerpt from the first week’s post on why I want to do make this a weekly thing.




ONE: My parents are visiting me! It’s funny, you turn 20 & all of a sudden you’re an adult, doing adult things.  LOL ok not exactly, but I am away from home this summer doing research so they came up yesterday and are leaving tomorrow but we’ve been hiking, doing wine tours, and I’ve just been showing them what Ithaca is about.

TWO:IMG_5016 [658068] Heather and I’s morning adventures.  Until now, I have never had a friend that I can both effectively work out with and have a great time with on a daily basis.  I’m gonna miss this a lot when summer ends.  LOVE YOU TO THE MOOOON HEATHER<3

THREE: My ridiculously spontaneous birthday in general.

FOUR: I went to Buffalo Wild Wings for the first time with a friend.. their boneless wings are dairy free, as are most of the sauces.  That is all I have to say about that hehehe<3

FIVE: I was walking home after typing this actually and ran into a close friend I hadn’t seen in a few weeks.  I took his Starbucks virginity and we sat and chatted for a while.  Spontaneous at its finest, once again!

So, what is one small thing that made you smile today??

What is your favorite Starbucks order? (in all seriousness, I want to try something new)



xoxox, Colby

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5 thoughts on “It’s the Little Things Thursday #2

  1. I rarely go to Starbucks but I love a caramel macchiato with coconut milk!

    This week….
    -Started my third round of the 21 day fix.
    -Began doing box jumps on the park bench at our neighborhood playground.
    -Tried a few new workouts that had exercises I KNOW I would not have been able to do a few short months ago.
    -Have felt confident in EVERY outfit I’ve put on (which for someone who used to change multiple times in the morning, that says a lot!).
    -Drank at least 100oz of water every day this week so far.
    -Added stretching to my daily routine


    Katie (thevegetarianmotherrunner)

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    1. Dang girl! Such a productive week– love the box jumps thing that’s so creative and fun. And YESSS to the confidence, you make you so your opinion is the only one that matters 🙂


  2. YES YES YES to the simple joys in life!! I love this so much. What a great installment on YouMakeYou and on the internet in general.
    One thing that made me smile yesterday was at work, seeing a man who hasn’t been able to walk for 6 months finally get to walk using some badass technology called Re-Walk. His wife was crying, and it was just amazing overall.


  3. I like the banner!! And you’re right, it really is all about the little things. I don’t go to Starbucks a ton but went with my boyfriend the other day when I was visiting him in TN and got an iced coconut milk latte (I think?) that was super good!

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